Construction volume will continue to be strong in 2018. Boom times present many challenges for construction companies, particularly for front-line leaders whose teams are responsible for delivering profitable projects. 



Friday, February 2nd

  • 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM PST
  • 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM CST
  • 2:00 PM – 3:15 PM EST  

Are your leaders on track to deliver? 

The Three Reasons Construction Leaders Fail

Unfortunately, the times when you need your leaders to perform at their very best are the very times they are most likely to fail. The challenge of change is compounded by the fact that the higher managers rise in an organization, the more likely they are to develop blind spots that increase their risk of failure.  

Why do front-line leaders fail and what can be done to avoid failure? The three most common reasons are:

  • Lousy interpersonal and communication skills
  • Inability to deliver expected results
  • Failure to see beyond their functional silo  

This webinar will elaborate on these three issues and offer you common sense solutions for helping your leaders and managers overcome them.

Here are three reasons why you should attend the training

1. Construction focus and expertize

Have you ever been frustrated when you’ve attended a “generic” leadership workshop? It turns out to be a waste of time because the facilitator knows nothing about construction and the material is meant to apply to any industry? The good news is this webinar is exclusively for construction companies, led by a trainer who has helped construction pros kick ass and make money since 2004.  

2. You need more time and less stress

Imagine how much time you could save, and stress you could avoid if you figured out how to improve leadership in your company. This webinar will help you identify and overcome five reasons most construction leaders struggle to perform at the highest possible level.

3. You want to grow and make more money

An effective leader never stops learning and growing. The workshop provides common sense advice for helping you and your leaders get more effective and make more money on all your projects.

So what’s covered in the workshop? And how can it help you?

Here’s a brief preview of some of what you'll learn in the workshop

How to Figure Out if Someone Has Poor Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Do they:

  • Always seems to be feuding with someone?
  • Have a reputation for being authoritarian, cold, aloof, or arrogant?
  • Avoid direct communication or contact with some or all co-workers.
  • Deliver bad news through e-mail rather than through direct conversations.  


Exposing an inability to deliver the expected results

  • Team consistently fails to achieve the expected goals, even after strong warnings.
  • Key projects consistently end up over budget or behind schedule.
  • Team members are disengaged. They miss meetings and deliver poor quality work.
  • Team members are frustrated. They infight and lose focus on the big picture objectives.
  • The leader does not address conflict and poor performance promptly and decisively.
  • Team members quit. They complain of favoritism, inconsistency and poor treatment.  

Uncovering an unwillingness to see beyond their functional silo  

  • Unwilling to communicate or collaborate with people outside of his project or division.
  • Makes decisions that benefit his project or division but clearly hurt the overall organization. 
  • Resists change that impacts him but clearly benefits the organization. 
  • Hoards information that might benefit others outside of his project or division. 
  • Co-workers complain that the manager is out of touch with the companies purpose and values.

What Workshop Participants Say:  

“I had the great opportunity to participate in a workshop facilitated by Eric Anderton. 

My thoughts before the workshop began was that the information presented would be most likely be a refresher on things I already knew, but my experience was significantly different!  

Eric led an engaging, interactive session and has a straight-forward, honest communication style that is refreshing and to the point.  

My time commitment to attend the workshop has yielded significant value in how the team and I now approach problems and opportunities at the company!”  

Chris Hodge- Renovation Partners 

"I highly recommend Eric Anderton and his workshops for your business.  

Even the largest and most successful companies need to be reviewed to be able to continue as a high level of success." company!”  

Roger Leasure- Northern California Tile and Stone

"Eric offers a clear perspective to help you see the things that are wasting your time and resources while keeping you from achieving your full potential.  

You leave his workshop with a list of action items that are going to change you and your business."

John Stump- Flint Builders  

Workshop Host: Eric Anderton

Eric Anderton has worked with construction companies since 2004.  

In that time he has observed that the most profitable companies are those with the strongest leadership teams in the field and in the office.  

That's exactly why Eric has developed this webinar to help you identify and overcome leadership failure.

The insights Eric shares make seismic shifts in construction contractor's businesses.  

Make sure you don’t miss the online training.

What clients say…  

Brett Mykrantz Executive Vice President, Deacon Corp.

Many consultants don’t have an idea As a leader, responsible for a large general contracting firm, I’m approached occasionally by business consultants offering various solutions that they say will enhance the effectiveness of our leadership team. The problem is that many of them don’t have an idea as to how a construction company operates and the challenges we face. Eric knows what makes a construction business tick. Eric Anderton is different, he is unique because of his focus on the construction industry He understands and appreciates the business of construction firms. He understands how the human mind works, how people work, and how the structure of a business operation can be created and improved. He knows what makes a construction business tick and how construction professionals work, and the ideas that he shares are realistic to business and our people. Eric’s Makes the Complex Simple So We Can Lead More Effectively He has helped us by logically breaking down complex leadership concepts into small components so we understand how to be more effective. As a result of working with Eric, our teams are more focused on the aspects of leadership that have the biggest positive impact on the people and projects they are responsible for. Help with Communication, Conflict, Accountability Eric has also helped us with our communication. Specifically, being okay with constructive conflict And helping us understand how to consistently hold ourselves and others accountable. Our Projects are Successful, On Time, and On Budget The outcome has helped our leadership team improve management of projects and assure that our projects are successful, on time and on budget. Eric is Good at What He Does and I Value his Help Eric brings high energy and passion to his workshops. It’s been rewarding to have members of our leadership team come to me unsolicited, to say that they gained great value and enjoyed his workshops.  

If you are a construction contractor and need help developing your leadership team, I highly recommend working with Eric.